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Customer Relationship Management System
IBM iSERIES SYSTEMS >> DISTRIBUTION MODULES >> CRM - Customer Relationship Management

The MSS Customer Relationship Management system is designed to maximize profitability via pro-active sales. It provides the users with the necessary tools to manage a telephone based order taking, selling, enquiry and customer relation service.

MSS Customer Relationship Management provides users with a Consolidated view of accounts and prospects It allows users to view all information concerning their relationship with the customer. The buying patterns, rate of consumption as well as inventory and manufacturing data can be retrieved via this system.

Each user log-on will display the scheduled tasks for the user. Exact detail of the task, e.g. timing of call is displayed.

This system makes it easy to improve customer satisfaction as all employees can record and view information regarding their interaction with customers.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • Remind the telesales clerks of phone calls to make.
  • Improve Sales Personnel's productivity due to efficient knowledge sharing.
  • Quick capturing of an order (complete with stock allocation, customer pricing and creditchecking) while the customer is on the telephone.
  • Convert sales enquiries into actual invoices.
  • Sales opportunity reassignment.
  • On screen display of credit details.
  • Fax, mail or e-mail invoices.
  • Monitor and display sales performance of key products.
  • Sales appointment generation.
  • The ability to script conversations and to highlight selling and promotion opportunities.
  • To store and control details of rep calls made together with any appropriate notes.
  • Marketing information can be entered per debtor's account.
  • Multiple call schedules per customer.
  • The ability to update call schedules from the Debtors Master files.
  • Ability to display fields from the Debtors Master as well as the Customer Call Schedule simultaneously.
  • Extensive on-line enquiry facilities regarding next calls to be made.
  • Extensive user reporting options per call type, date, rep and customer.
  • Diary of key conversations, sales opportunities, fulfilment history, complaint records, sales orders.
  • Calls can be reassigned to another operator.
  • User designed input screens and menus.
  • Multi-level security.
  • Seamless integration with MSS Inventory and Debtors Systems.
  • Track the order stage by stage.
  • Track movement to and from inventory.
  • Manage priority of order for stock allocation.
  • Create Orders from quotes.
  • Unlimited number of text lines per order or order line.
  • Context sensitive help text.
  • Call Monitor report list outstanding calls.
  • Detailed customer contact and marketing information.
  • Comprehensive ready to use reports.
  • Unmatched adaptability.
  • Easy to install and implement.
  • Flexible user-designed action codes.
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