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Cash Book System

MSS Cash Book is a proven solution developed in response to customer feedback over many years. It fully exploits the latest technology. Recognising that accurate and timely information is necessary for management, the MSS Cash Book System provides real time reporting capabilities to meet this demand. Although the user will appreciate the simplicity of the system, it is unparalleled in its flexibility based on individual requirements.

It is a multi-company, -column, -cash book, -currency, -user system, designed to automate the processing of payments and receipts, and the issuing of cheques. A full bank reconciliation facility is provided.

The MSS Cash Book interfaces with MSS Creditors, Debtors and General Ledger systems to close the loop of cash accounting. Other external systems are also supported.

Comprehensive support is provided during and after installation.

Some of the Key Features and Benefits of the System:

  • Default allocation codes that minimize input and reduces errors.
  • Post-dated cheque payments.
  • Ability to take/give settlement discount on receipts and to take settlement discount on payments.
  • Prior/future period postings.
  • Optional automatic cheque printing and numbering.
  • Context sensitive help and prompt facilities.
  • No batch updating required.
  • Recurring transactions only need to be entered once. These transactions can be reused or amended each month.
  • Allows for cancellation of returned cheques.
  • Unlimited number of Companies.
  • Unlimited number of Cash Books/Banks per company.
  • Unlimited number of users, each with an unique user ID.
  • Comprehensive import and export facilities from and to user defined external files.
  • EFT facilities.
  • Supports SQL queries.
  • Inter System Interface Reversal/Re-run.
  • Seamlessly integrated with other MSS accounting modules, but can also be operated as a stand alone product.
  • Foreign currency processing with unlimited number of currencies.
  • Each Cash Book can be defined as being in a specific currency.
  • Review your cash book balance at any time.
  • Powerful Search Facilities per date, transaction type, reference number, document description, transaction value, or transaction description.
  • Extensive security features which will restrict access to individual Cash Books.
  • Multi-level password control.
  • User defined transaction type codes.
  • User defined processing months and month-end dates.
  • 12 or 13 periods..
  • User defined menus, which gives each user access only to the information relevant to him or her.
  • User fields for user oriented statistics and reporting.
  • User defined cheque and remittance advice layouts.
  • Optional multi-column analysis with analysis columns defined by the user per company.
  • Detailed or summary posting to General Ledger set by user.
  • Multiple cheque book number series for each Cash Book.
  • Print control
  • Customisable Vat Tables
  • Comprehensive V.A.T. reporting.
  • Analysis by Ledger Account, Allocation Account or per transaction type.
  • Cash book reports in the following sequence
    o Date
    o Document Reference
    o Document Type
    o Document Value
    o Payee
  • Audit trails on all changes to master files indicating before and after situations linked to a username.
  • Bank reconciliation - full and by exception with the following search sequences:
    o Date
    o Document Type
    o Document Reference
    o Document reference
  • Reconciliation reports can be printed in any of the above sequences.
  • Automated reconciliation from data supplied by banks with exception reports.
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