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Creditors System

Improve your Supplier Payment Management with a Powerful Creditors Control system. MSS Creditors allows you to save time and money by simplifying payment processing.

The MSS Creditors system allows you to maintain full control over your creditors' invoices and payments, ensuring that maximum advantage can be taken from discounts and that interest paid on overdue accounts is minimized

The MSS Creditors system provides more functionality than competing systems, at a fraction of the cost.

This module is fully integrated with the other MSS modules such as Purchase Orders, Inventory, Job Costing, Manufacturing Orders and General Ledger

Some of the Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • Single or multiple line expense allocation on transaction input (up to 999 allocations per document).
  • Full optional validation of General Ledger item codes and additional expense codes provided during input stage.
  • User Defined Accounting Periods.
  • User defined Input Screens and Menus which gives each user access only to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Payment due date automatically calculated based on invoice or statement date and terms which can vary per creditor.
  • Automatic calculation of settlement discount which can be changed manually.
  • Flexible Payment cycle processing.
  • Commitment list shows payments and discounts for selected accounts for due date. Payment amounts and discounts can be overwritten.
  • Multiple payment cycles can be run at the same time.
  • Automatic production of remittance advices which can produce either cheques or electronic bank transfers.
  • Reversal of payments under password control.
  • Partial Payments allowed.
  • Ability to hold payments per invoice, range of invoices, creditors accounts or range of creditors accounts.
  • Purchase Order, Cash Book , General Ledger and Stock Interface.
  • Cash requirements/commitment report for user control of the payment cycle.
  • Automatic calculation of discount for two discount terms with operator override.
  • Standing payment transactions provided.
  • Foreign currency input option with automated currency conversion.
  • Automatic validation for duplicate invoice numbers.
  • Input of quantity, item code and additional expense allocations if required.
  • Comprehensive Audit trails on all transactions as well as master files.
  • Invoice registration.
  • Comprehensive V.A.T. reporting.
  • Multiple Tax Codes.
  • The user may design printing of Remittance Advices and Cheques.
  • The system caters for both combined or separate remittance/cheque advices.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers.
  • Default Ledger accounts assigned per company.
  • Head and sub-accounts available. Payments can be made to head or sub accounts.
  • Pre-payments allowed.
  • Download to Microsoft.
  • Automatic Label Printing.
  • Haulier processing available.
  • Comprehensive enquiry with transaction drill down.
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