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Debtors System

The MSS Debtors system is extremely flexible in that the user may design/tailor many aspects of the module to suit the company environment. MSS will supply you with a system that can grow and expand with your business.

This feature rich Debtors System provides powerful debtors management tools which is fully integrated with the other MSS Financial solutions.

The Accounts Receivable/Debtors Sales Ledger was designed specifically for the IBM AS/400 range of computers, hence many of the outstanding features of the AS/400 have been incorporated in the software, e.g. help screens, ease-of-use, menus, security, etc.

The easy to use MSS Debtors System provides a comprehensive database. By performing a number of "behind the scene'' checks, data entry is minimized which obviously reduces capturing errors.

The Debtors System is integrated with the Sales Order and General Ledger system to provide a comprehensive management solution.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:

  • Multi-company utilising a three digit alpha numeric reference.
  • Multi Currency accounting.
  • Unlimited number of accounts and transactions.
  • The Debtors Ledger processing allows for full parent-child account facilities, i.e. branch account details can be consolidated on a single statement.
  • Summarised or detailed parent accounting.
  • Balance Brought Forward and Open-Item transaction accounting may operate within a single ledger.
  • Open Item Receipts may automatically be posted from oldest to newest invoice.
  • Comprehensive audit trails on all changes to files and all transactions indicating before and after situations linked to a user.
  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly debtors may operate within a single company.
  • Transactions may be allocated to any financial period.
  • Transactions for future periods can be held in suspense until released.
  • Automatic interest calculation on overdue accounts if required.
  • Automatic transaction suspense at month end for new period transactions.
  • Comprehensive sales information is retained.
  • Customer specific pricing.
  • Flexible Tax processing.
  • Automatic Tax calculation.
  • Export facility to Microsoft.
  • Various security levels available limiting access to certain fields and menu options and debtors' accounts.
  • EDI.
  • Unlimited text lines available to record collection details against a debtor or against an invoice.
  • Marketing information held per debtor.
  • Comprehensive Bank Account and Credit Card information stored per customer.
  • Automatic discount allowance based on user criteria.
  • Credit control by terms and/or credit amount.
  • Particular customers may be excluded from back-orders.
  • Unlimited number of users, each with a unique user ID.
  • Special alerts can pop-up or be printed on request e.g. when credit has been exceeded.
  • Delivery address can be changed per invoice.
  • Customers can be assigned to reps.
  • The MSS Debtors Module is fully integrated to the MSS Sales Order, Cash Book and General Ledger Modules.
  • Drill down from General Ledger to Debtors transactions.
  • Drill down from Debtors to Sales Orders.
  • Manage accounts by Account Manager
  • Easy printing and reprinting of invoices.
  • Batch Printing facility
  • Statements may be printed and reviewed at any time and reprinted any number of times (not dependant upon month-end processing).
  • Comprehensive selection screens for reporting.
  • Automatic Label printing.
  • Numerous selections for printing of Age Analysis.
  • Daily Sales reporting.
  • Comprehensive Sales Budget reporting.
  • User definable Notices and Letters.
  • Messages can be printed on documentation (Invoices, statements etc.)
  • Automatically email statements and invoices to customers.
  • Document routing can be defined by account (e-mail or fax) or user (printer).
  • On screen debt analysis with drill down facility.
  • Screen Enquiries by account code, name, delivery or postal address.
  • Screen enquiries providing both summary and detailed transaction information with a drill down facility which will display the original invoice.
  • Context sensitive help facility.
  • Statements, Invoices and Credit notes may be completely designed by the user to suit the business' needs.
  • More than 30 User Fields provided on the debtor master and transaction files for comprehensive analysis.
  • User defined Input Screens and Menus that gives each user access only to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Numerous default values can be set up which reduces time and errors occurring during transaction capturing.
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