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Electronic Document Interchange System
IBM iSERIES SYSTEMS >> DISTRIBUTION MODULES >> EDI - Electronic Document Interchange

The MSS Electronic Document Interchange System is a powerful software package, designed to allow for business decisions and transactions to be communicated immediately, securely and without error. Not only does it reduce costs but allows companies to become part of a standard electronic future.

This software package has been developed in conjunction with the standards set by the Numbering Associations. The EDI System hence provides means to utilise market opportunities more effectively and working capital can be reduced drastically.

The main advantage of this module, is the usage of a standardised message structuring system, which provides for the importing and exporting of information from other independent computer systems.

The MSS Electronic Document Trading system has been designed on the IBM AS/400 system range of computers. These computers have many excellent features to protect the integrity of the information in the system and assist the user in accurately processing data through the system.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • Multi-user capability.
  • Enables easy and flexible document management.
  • Eliminates redundant data processing steps.
  • Thorough auditing and tracking of all documents processed.
  • Translates messages into a single format.
  • Help screens for all fields.
  • User defined menus.
  • Validates Debtors and Inventory entries.
  • Easy to set-up and easy to learn.
  • Bar code scanning.
  • Modulus 10 Check digit calculation.
  • Full testing environment available.
  • Allows for orders, invoices and statements to be transmitted.
  • Comprehensive enquiries with drill down facility.
  • Transactions can be re-submitted under password control with comprehensive audit trails.
  • Status codes indicating the exact status of the transaction.
  • Customised Reports.
  • Batch balancing with control reports.
  • Templates designed to meet your trading partners' requirements.
  • Unlimited number of trading partners can be added at any time.
  • By limiting user intervention entry errors are reduced and the order cycle is streamlined.
  • Customised development integrating EDI into your in-house system.
  • Complete end-to-end support.
  • Partner specific outbound batching.
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