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General Ledger System

The MSS General Ledger system offers an efficient means of centralising your company's accounting information. The MSS General Ledger is a proven solution developed in response to customer feedback over many years.

Although the user will appreciate the simplicity of the system, it is unparalleled in its flexibility based on individual requirements.

The MSS General Ledger system is fully integrated with the MSS Financial, Manufacturing and Distribution software packages to provide an easy to use Management Information system. This allows for information to flow efficiently through all the business procedures. This significantly reduces duplication and discrepancies. Other external systems are also supported. The MSS General Ledger programs provides the facility to import and export Lotus and Excel spreadsheets.

The system is extremely flexible in that the user may design/tailor many aspects of the module operation to suit the company environment. MSS General Ledger will provide you with a software solution that can expand and develop with your business. Because we develop our Systems in-house, user specific requirements can be catered for.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:

  • Transaction input can be in either real-time or batch mode.
  • Standing journal input provided.
  • Automated closing entries at year end.
  • Continued Posting of final entries after year end
  • Transactions posted to prior financial year will automatically be rolled forward to current year
  • Each entry has a system generated document number, a source of origin code and a user ID which allows you to track entries through the system.
  • Reposting of batches allowed under password control to correct errors
  • Unlimited Text lines available for each journal entry
  • Automatic posting to Exchange Difference account due to currency fluctuations
  • Accrual posting and automatic reversal.
  • Recurring transactions only need to be entered once
  • Nine individual sets of budget data maintained.
  • Comprehensive budget manipulation facilities allowing for budgets to be created from actual figures or other budgets using various calculation methods for selected account ranges.
  • On screen Budget and Previous Year comparisons available for each period.
  • Multi company ledgers utilising a three digit alpha numeric company code.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Up to twelve digits are provided for the account number.
  • Up to eight levels within the account number. Levels and account numbers are defined by the user.
  • Twelve or thirteen accounting periods per year.
  • Up to nine levels of subordinate/ parent account relationships maintained with automatic distribution of balances according to user defined percentages.
  • Automatic calculation of monthly profit/loss
  • Interfaces from Creditors, Assets, Job Costing, Debtors, Sales, Cash Book and other systems via batch input and validation procedures.
  • Comprehensive enquiry options providing details of all postings with drill down facilities to view contra entries.
  • Drill down into any period for a list of transactions
  • User defined filtering and sorting criteria
  • Enquiries can be viewed in Local and Foreign currency
  • Search facility available in account code, description or report code sequence.
  • User definable fields.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Accounting features to track non-financial figures
  • Ledger security by user name which allows you to custom tailor each user's needs and access.
  • User defined Input Screens and Menus which gives each user access only to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Accounts in one segment can be used to create accounts in another segment
  • Comprehensive Audit trails on transactions as well as master file maintenance indicating a before and after situation linked to a user and a time.
  • Comprehensive and flexible report writer system for an unlimited number of user defined reports.
  • Design your own chart of accounts with customised headings
  • All reports can be printed in Home or Foreign currency.
  • Automatic output into external financial modelling systems.
  • Consolidation across companies.
  • Automatic Download of all reports to PC.
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