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Sales Order System

The MSS Sales Order System is a full-featured Order Entry system that automates the entire sales process from creating a quote to generating backorders. It is user friendly and allows for quick accurate information retrieval.

This robust and agile system minimizes data entry by performing behind the scenes operations. This also helps to reduce data entry errors by doing price checks, automatic calculation of additional charges and tax, automatic conversion of documents, to name just a few.

The MSS Sales Order Module is fully integrated to the MSS Inventory, Debtors and General Ledger Modules.

The Sales Order Entry system was designed specifically for the IBM AS/400 range of computers, hence many of the outstanding features of the AS/400 have been incorporated in the software, e.g. help screens, ease-of-use menus, security, etc.

The system is extremely flexible in that the user may design / tailor many aspects of the operation to suit the company environment.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:

  • The MSS Sales Order System provides for:
    o Order Entry
    o Pre-Invoicing
    o Post-Invoicing
    o Credit Notes
    o Debit Notes
    o Consignment Notes
    o Quotes
    o Standing orders
  • Credit control facilities covering checks on the credit limit and credit terms including statement account credit checking.
  • Create quotes from previous orders.
  • Convert quotes to orders.
  • Create Credit notes from original orders.
  • Creation of Manufacturing Orders from Sales Orders.
  • Automatic warnings on out of stock situations as well as credit limit exceeded.
  • Document numbers may be entered or generated by the system.
  • Single or bulk release of orders with quantity overrides.
  • Full correction facilities up to printing of invoice.
  • On-line order history and order creation from history.
  • Delivery quantities in units and/or mass.
  • Depot, Product and Sales Rep restriction available.
  • EDI Order Processing and Interfaces.
  • Serial number processing
  • Automatic transaction suspense at month end for new period transactions.
  • Up to 999 lines per order/invoice
  • Load scheduling.
  • Unlimited number of users each with a unique user id.
  • Caters for sales of non-stock items.
  • Consolidated Picking.
  • Allocation of stock can be controlled by means of priority codes.
  • Allocation and de-allocation of stock can be done per customer, order or product.
  • Consignment note and waybill processing.
  • BOM explosion available.
  • Serial number tracking.
  • On-line sales history enquiry.
  • Vehicle Tracking Subsystem.
  • Customer Calling Cycle Subsystem.
  • Availability of reversal of Inter-system interfaces under password control.
  • Real-time update of Inventory.
  • Comprehensive Pricing and Promotion options such as:
    o Product per Customer
    o Product per Pricing Policy and Delivery method
    o Order Policy combined with Price Policy
    o Product per Depot per Customer
    o Customer and stock classification
    o Product per Statement Account
    o Product Group per Customer
    o Product per Price Policy
    o Product per Customer Group,
    to name just a few .All of the above allows for quantity breaks and various date range selections
  • Price updates can be done by percentages.
  • Automatic mark-up from cost.
  • Price override reports.
  • Automatic calculation of Delivery Charges, Handling Charges and Special deals
  • Multiple delivery charges per area
  • Numerous user-defined parameters allows for flexibility.
  • Unlimited number of text lines available per order line.
  • Document layouts defined by the user.
  • User defined data input screens and menus which gives each user access to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Automatically e-mail or fax invoices to customers on user designed stationery.
  • Comprehensive V.A.T. reporting.
  • Audit trails on all transactions indicating last maintenance date and user.
  • Comprehensive stock enquiry available whilst capturing an order.
  • Full credit and marketing enquiries available during capturing of an order.
  • Out of stock items can display alternate items.
  • Extensive reporting on lost sales.
  • Wide-ranging drill down enquiry facilities on sales history down to order line level.
  • Drill down facility for enquiries from General Ledger or Debtors down to document line level.
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