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Custodian + Medical Document Imaging
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Custodian is an easy to use IBM iSeries, Unix and PC network document imaging and retrieval system. It provides electronic management of storage and distribution of documents and images throughout your internal network. Custodian enables stored information to be accessed for viewing, printing, faxing or emailing.

Custodian prevents data from being 'lost' and reduces wasted labour time searching for paper documents or images from your storage departments and files.

Custodian improves paper handling efficiency and reduces labour costs. Compatible with iSeries, Unix and PC networks, Custodian is competitively priced and can be tailored to suit your business' individual needs.

In addition to the manual scanning operation, Custodian provides (COLD) automatic data extraction from the host.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:

  • Capturing the document and converting it into a digitised electronic image.
  • Batch scanning enables the scanning and storage of a large number of documents with minimum number of keystrokes.
  • Batch Scanning reduces the workload of document imaging users.
  • Documents can be randomly scanned and then indexed at a later stage.
  • Re-scan from any point in the batch.
  • Interfaces with any SQL compliant database.
  • It provides necessary information for automatic indexing.
  • Documents are stored in a tiff format.
  • Allows for the integration of hardcopy documents into document workflow.
  • A means to file and retrieve stored documents for easy reference.
  • Batch indexing is supported.
  • OCR, OMS and Barcode recognition ensures that clerical work is reduced to a minimum whilst accuracy is maximised.
  • Custodian reads data from files received from an AS/400 or other host system. The data received from the host is processed and made available for storage, retrieval, display, printing or faxing.
  • Grouping of documents in user defined groups.
  • Indexes are held in an SQL compliant database.
COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk)
  • Custodian COLD produces output without having to scan in a document first.
  • Custodian reads data from files received electronically from the host system. These documents can then be merged with scanned background templates containing customer specific stationery.
  • Templates containing customer specific stationery are stored only once saving disk space.
  • Index information is automatically read from documents during the COLD import process.
  • Computer output is downloaded using standard file transfer protocols (FTP).
  • Documents can be routed to designated print, fax or e-mail servers.
  • Zeta Fax and Right Fax servers are supported .
  • Reduced Consumables e.g. Paper, toner, binders etc.
  • Reduced storage costs.
  • Increased productivity because reports are available when and where they are needed.
  • Image-manipulation features include zooming, rotation and viewing of annotations.
  • It procdes the ability to process, search, retrieve and view a document, regardless of how and where it was created.
  • The viewer allows the end user to query on specific indexes.
  • Resolve B2B transactions discrepancies by viewing documents over the web.
  • By scanning, capturing and storing documents in secure digital archives, MSS document management s software makes physical storage space unnecessary and frees up computer disk space.
  • It provides inexpensive and easy access to great volumes of information.
  • MSS allows for the storage of documents in a network directory making these accessible to multiple users and applications concurrently.
  • Once documents have been managed digitally, you can benefit from faster, more reliable access, fewer lost documents, and less physical mail.
MSS has added utility products to the product list. These include:

Custodian Document Maker,
This allows for Word documents to be designed with direct access to IBM iSeries data files.

Custodian ftp
Custodian FTP is a user friendly program which allows the user to perform FTP functions by simply clicking a button.

Custodian iSeries Object Distribution
This automates the distribution of IBM iSeries libraries and files to and from remote sites.

Custodian omr
Optical Mark Recognition identifies tick box marked forms for automated database storage.

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