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Custodian r Remote Ordering
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Custodian r (Remote Ordering) provides a comprehensive sales force automation application. This PDA system is based on the Microsoft Pocket PC.

Custodian r software enables sales staff to place orders, check incomplete invoices and list last products purchased. Comprehensive Sales and Contact History is available. This highly customisable system allows users to capture order and update it at a suitable time onto a server. It provides a new level of customer service and real time flexibility that can make your firm more efficient than ever.

Reps need to stay in close contact with customers. This means that sales personnel are in the field most of the time. They need up to date information regarding products and prices. Data synchronization provides for remote updating of key accounting data to ensure that sales personnel have accurate data.

At MSS we realise that opportunities don't wait. With Custodian r you literally have Business-critical information at your fingertips.

The specific requirements of order processing vary substantially between industries and market segments. As a software developer, MSS is able to customise this solution to fit into the existing systems or infrastructure.

The advantages of using the Custodian Remote ordering solution are not only the advanced features we offer, but also our price, which is highly competitive.

To remain competitive in the new Internet Economy, companies need take advantage of data flow via virtual networks. MSS has the resources and staying power to turn new technology to your advantage as when they emerge.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • Paperless order capturing.
  • It provides a unique ability to take advantage of the Internet to allow users from around the world to access the same data files in a secure environment.
  • Create transactions at a time and a place suitable for the user. The user can capture orders, enter marketing data and make decisions working on- and off-line.
  • Synchronization can take place at a time and place convenient for the user and greater automation results in fewer mistake and less lost opportunities. The program automatically checks for all new information at a time scheduled by the user.
  • It reduces error due to illegible handwriting or unclear faxes.
  • Large number of defaults can be set up which reduces information to be keyed in per transaction.
  • In an increasingly demanding marketplace, next to quality speed of service seems to be top priority. Custodian r ensures that sales personnel can make informed decisions. It allows sales personnel to monitor the progress of their orders. Enquiries indicate the status of all orders within the sales process which enables the user to track each order. This ensures that salespeople can respond immediately to customer enquiries.
  • Improve communication by sharing information with the entire sales team when in the office or on the road.
  • Take advantage of the availability of reliable accurate and current information.
  • Reps can easily review their activities for the day and prepare for their appointments.
  • Access and monitor key information customer order history and previous orders. Quickly locate contact information such address, phone number of Email information without having to boot up a PC.
  • Display and update customer contact details and create follow-up activities.
  • Access product catalogue and pricing.
  • Powerful import and export facilities. Access to MSS and non-mss applications and information
  • Users will appreciate the simplicity; yet will find the flexibility unparalleled.
  • Automatic order number assignment.
  • Optional add-ons provides full customer sales history access with the functionality to add notes.
  • Multi-level security.
  • Shorten Sales Cycle
  • Increase Sales force productivity.
  • Order and Invoice history can be maintained by branch.
  • Detailed audit logs with all inbound and outbound transactions sent and received.
  • It provides easy collaboration across business networks.
  • Provides industry specific features and adaptive solutions. Programs written to provide best functionality for specific business requirements.
  • Only takes a few minutes to load.
  • Firms not using the web can use TCP/IP to connect to software applications directly.
  • It supports multiple infrastructures such as GSM, Bluetooth, GPRS and wireless LAN.
  • It supports multiple devices, whether connected or disconnected.
  • Future enhancements are automatically handled behind the scenes.
  • Orders are verified for accuracy before it is sent to the host software.
  • Unmatched adaptability.
  • Custodian Direct Updating allows for quick and easy to use updating of database files from the AS/400 or iSeries, onto a PC.
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