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The MSS Inventory System provides a complete Inventory Management solution. It will provide you with a tool that will help to minimize your stock levels without compromising product sales because of an out of stock situation.

The MSS Inventory system is fully integrated with the MSS Purchase Ordering, Sales Order processing, Job Costing, Production/ materials Requirements planning and Manufacturing Order Processing. This ensures that your view of the stock status is completely up to date at any point in time.

The Inventory System was designed specifically for the AS/400 range of computers, hence many of the outstanding features of the AS/400 have been incorporated in the software, e.g. help screens, ease-of-use menus, security, etc.

The system was built with agility in mind in that the user may design/tailor many aspects of the module operation to suit the company environment. This will provide you with a system that can grow with your business.

The MSS Inventory system can be tailored to meet the needs of any size organization providing a feature rich cost effective solution that will address and respond to your company needs.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • An item code that can be up to 15 alphanumeric characters.
  • Two 30-character description fields.
  • Handles stock as well as non-stock inventory items
  • User access to depots stock records or individual stock items can be controlled.
  • Unlimited number of depots.
  • User defined Input Screens and Menus, which gives each user access only to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Unlimited number of users, each with a unique user ID.
  • All documents can be tailored to suit company requirements.
  • Restricted user access to cost information.
  • Automatic Price list update.
  • Comprehensive Serial number processing and tracking providing supplier and cost information.
  • Data can be entered by quantity, mass or both.
  • Full screen enquiry into statistical information. Information available per depot and location. Drill down to customer orders, purchase orders, manufacturing orders.
  • Alphanumeric searches per product code or description are provided.
  • The system is designed to handle processing requirements for different stocking environments: Finished goods, raw materials, consumable stores etc.
  • Distribution analysis by value and or volume is accessible.
  • A comprehensive stock take sub-system is included in the module, which can be used to automatically create adjustment records.
  • Cycle counting is provided for.
  • The module provides for depot, bin location as well as goods in transit tracking.
  • Multiple Bin processing with numerous user defined parameters.
  • Stock costs are based on any of the following methods:
      - Standard Costs
      - Average cost
      - Last cost
      - FIFO
      - Customer defined.
  • Product Structures (Bills of materials) sub-system is incorporated in the module.
  • Unlimited number of components per kit with 8 bill-of-material levels.
  • Optional bill of material explosion on invoices.
  • Numerous user fields available.
  • Product size and weight can be compared to available warehouse space.
  • Ability to change components and quantities used to produce a kit at data capturing stage.
  • Scenario planning is available within this module.
  • A comprehensive product re-order and production material requirements sub-system is also included in the module establishing minimum, maximum stock levels, lead time required and reorder postings.
  • Location accounting is available. Unlimited number of bins per location.
  • Bins may be pre-assigned to a specific item and bin sensitive transactions can be entered.
  • Inter Depot stock transfers.
  • Purchases and Sales units of measure can differ.
  • Negative order or on hand control.
  • Lot Control available.
  • Allows usage of alternate part numbers.
  • Three decimals for transaction processing.
  • Extensive audit trails, linking all transactions and changes made to a specific user.
  • Bar-coding and Scanning.
  • Barcode printing.
  • Multiple General Ledger Stock Control Accounts.
  • Download of reports to PC.
  • Ability to reserve stock for Selected Customers.
  • Product Label Printing.
  • Real time stock receipting.
  • Integrates seamlessly with MSS Sales Order System
  • Stock can be allocated to orders based on priority of order.
  • Allocate and de-allocate stock per product or document.
  • Instantly displays outstanding orders.
  • Inter depot transfers allows for product code changes.
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