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The MSS Purchase Order system provides the tools to successfully manage a business' entire purchasing cycle, from the placement of an order until the item is deliverd and invoice. It streamlines the procurement process by automating GRV and Invoice processing which reduces errors. MSS provides direct access to detailed transaction information with outstanding items easily identified.

The MSS Purchase Order module is fully integrated with the MSS Inventory, Creditors and General Ledger Modules.

Key Features and Benefits of the System:
  • Multi-Company.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Unlimited number of users each with a unique user ID and password.
  • Multi level security available limiting access to certain functions and enquiries.
  • The module can operate as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated system with the MSS Creditors, Inventory control and General Ledger.
  • Orders can be created using information stored in the Creditors System.
  • Automatic alert on price variances. Additional alerts can pop-up or be printed on request.
  • Complete 3 way matching between Purchase Order, GRV and Invoice.
  • Comprehensive unmatched receipts reporting.
  • Purchase Orders can be generated automatically from standing orders.
  • A test for duplicate invoicing is performed during transaction entry.
  • User defined data input screens and menus which gives each user access to the information relevant to him or her.
  • Provides appropriate optional input fields to cater for retail purchasing.
  • More than one Creditor allowed per Purchase Order.
  • Up to 999 lines per purchase order.
  • Data can be entered directly or created from standing orders.
  • Provides for different delivery locations and anticipated delivery dates within each order.
  • Partial order deliveries catered for.
  • Multiple receipts against an order.
  • Caters for stock as well as non-stock orders.
  • Seven digit Purchase Order number with either input or system generated numbers.
  • Screen enquiries provide vital information on the status of current orders and inventory items.
  • Comprehensive drill down enquiry facilities.
  • Enquire on Purchase Orders by Company, Order Number, Supplier, Depot, Product Code, Order Date, Anticipated Delivery Date, Status of Order or Origin of Order
  • Foreign Currency processing.
  • Goods received voucher (GRV) can be created from original order.
  • Amendment of Purchase Orders, GRV's and Invoices allowed under password control.
  • Invoice input based on either original order or GRV.
  • Reprint Purchase Orders, GRV or Invoices.
  • Calculation and reporting of price as well as quantity variances.
  • Accrual listing.
  • Contract pricing.
  • Interfaces seamlessly to Creditors, Inventory and General Ledger system. Automatic updating of Inventory as goods are received and posted. Automatic updating of Creditors/Accounts payable as invoices are posted.
  • Coordinated closing with General Ledger, Creditors and Inventory systems.
  • Drill down facility in General Ledger System allows you to view the order lines.
  • EDI Order Processing.
  • Automatic Tax Handling.
  • Purchase Orders can be placed via Email.
  • Can override costs at time of receipt.
  • Full Audit trails on all maintenance done.
  • Default locations are created which can be overwritten
  • GRV's can be printed in bin location sequence.
  • Price records hold 5 current and 5 foreign values with discount percentages based on quantity breaks per date ranges.
  • Utility functions allow for the deletion of incomplete orders.
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